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this weekend I learned that the priest who married my parents is in jail for molesting children

trounced by one Ilyich
lied to by weak symbols

entering every room with the assumption that the prior night,
while sleepwalking, you set booby traps
it’s no way to live
choice has nothing to do with it
willpower has nothing to do with it
no one seems to understand that

getting hung up on being “understood”
as though you don’t get off on being “misunderstood”
trounced by one tulip
and also by one uncomfortable material smattered across the face of a clock

cum glaze hardening on velvet
a shallow depth of field

three deer on the grounds of the mental hospital
the buck stops and we stare at each other
it’s easy to look for deep meaning in graceful moments of nature - what are you, stupid?

jab it on
"…walking on your hands?" "I hope -"
jabbing it out, slight twist of neck and roll of right eye

dark wet roads and, for a split second, Paige in a pale light, looking

fuck off
Feeling Immensely Lame In Front Of Admirable Women

I sat in a cafe that had been decorated by Bunny Rogers. Most of the furniture was made of rich, dark wood - plain, but well-crafted. On one side table, there was a small desk lamp with an antique opaque white glass shade.

Strangely, amongst the conservative furniture, there were also ugly khaki-colored trash bins that were labeled by pieces of paper affixed to the side with black electrical tape. The only one I could read said “KIDZ BOP”.

In a moment, it was night time, and I was sitting on a curb in the dim yellow glow of a streetlight. Bunny, another girl, and a young man they knew stood nearby. I stared down at a coffee dessert drink in my hands, a caramel something-or-other.

"I can’t drink this," I eventually grumbled with a slight tinge of disgust.
"Why not?" Bunny asked.
"I can’t get fat - then I’ll have nothing going for me,” I said, disturbed that I was saying something like that, as I heard the words leave my mouth.
"You live and then you die - you should just do whatever you want," Bunny said softly.
"You can’t possibly understand - you’re pretty," I said, with more bitterness than I had hoped to express. The other girl was visibly uncomfortable, but Bunny just gave a sorrowful look at me. I felt terrible and embarrassed for being so aggressive and lame.

"You’re pretty…" the other girl said, "right?" she awkwardly asked the guy after a moment, gesturing towards him. He just laughed and said, "uh-huh, yeah, sure, totally pretty," with a smirk. I didn’t care what he thought, though, since I didn’t think he was cool or interesting at all. I was completely absorbed with how shitty of a person I had just been in front of Bunny. Idiot!

Later, I ended up in a mall. I stood in the middle of a store entrance with a bonsai tree. I had the idea to place the tree in the middle of the entrance and take a picture with my phone to send to Bunny. I thought it was the most hilarious thing. I kept adjusting the plant slightly as people walked by me into and out of the store. I was cracking up and trying to get a good picture with my flip phone.

After wandering around the mall for a while, I walked onto a down escalator behind two women. I didn’t know one of them, but I recognized her friend as Madeline Poole, my favorite nail artist. Meekly, I smiled and said hi. They looked at me, then at each other, then laughed uncomfortably and faced away from me.

I remembered I had these tooth coverings on - they were sort of weird decorative braces. They were like strange decals you could cover individual teeth with. They weren’t a huge trend, as they were kind of a new thing. The ones I was wearing were red-orange on top and a blue-violet on the bottom, and covered almost the whole tooth.

"Ugh, what a moment to have my teeth done, but my nails bare," I thought to myself, annoyed. I felt self-conscious and embarrassed.

Bunny and I were in some odd store/restaurant. She handed a “biblical lamb plushie” to the hispanic man working behind the counter - he promptly stuffed it into a nearby freezer, on the top shelf. She was donating it, even though it was some kind of relic that was incredibly valuable.

"Hey! I’ll take it!" I laughed to the men at the store, just being playful, "I’ll take it off your hands! And you can have it back, from me, for a few hundred thousand dollars!" The man gruffly went back to the freezer and grabbed the lamb, shoving it into my arms.

"I was just kidding! I was only kidding!" I stammered awkwardly, humiliated. Bunny looked really disappointed and left the store. The employees paid no mind to me offering the object back, and I was so flustered. I was only joking!

Walking through a hallway sort of like one in my house, I thought to myself: “why did they bring that lesbian’s body here? She has been dead for over a week. No one here knows her. Surely someone loves her and wants her remains.” I nudged at all the piles of garbage and bags that littered the hallway, knowing that one of them must contain the body of this mystery lesbian, but not knowing which one. I felt out of the loop and guilty. I ended up on a wooden deck outside. The night was strange. I stared at a huge black garbage bag, then at the stars.

Anonymous asked: ur number 1 reasn for partying?


I don’t drink really ever and I don’t like people so I don’t party I just sit at home and count my money


A prisoner on death row - an older black man - was opting to get a serious body modification as he approached his execution date. It was popular amongst prisoners like him to do this, because it could possibly kill them. It was a more badass way to go than lethal injection, and they had control over it, rather than the time of their death being controlled by others. In such cases, it was often performed as a kind of last protest or message.

The body modification process involved taking hollow objects made of this weird metal/plastic and melting them onto/into the body, fusing them together. Often, with larger objects, the process melted through the entire body, slowly killing the person.

This particular prisoner had very long gray dreadlocks - some of them even reached the ground when he was standing. He pushed them to the side as he lay down to prepare for the procedure. An assistant came in with the object he had selected, a massive vertical Oreo logo. The letters were quite large - they would clearly kill him. They were placed on his bare chest and the melting began.

The Oreo logo had some significance to the man. It was some kind of reference to a piece of evidence of his innocence that had been somehow destroyed before his trial.

The letters began to wilt, his skin began to steam, and his face contorted in agony. He burst out, “it probably IS righteous!” and began to sob. One of the letters melted up towards his face, burning a massive hole in his jaw and neck. Some of his thick gray dreads were visible through where his neck had been.

He was submerged into water at the end, still barely alive somehow, and I was suddenly experiencing the situation from his point of view. When his mangled body hit the water, I felt the charred bits of the body sizzle and break away. His body half dissolved, and was half held together by the metal letters. It was a strange terrible feeling.

I just creeped out kevin spacey. I love my job

it’s really unfair that robin wright is so cool and funny and in such close proximity to me and yet we are still not friends

ooooh white male anti-abortion protestors near my job today *cocks invisible rifle of feminism*


A family of blonde actors and I were hurrying along on some kind of journey. There was some invisible force trying to keep us from advancing towards our destination, but the general feel of the situation was more comical than ominous. The family and I got along very well, and we were all cracking each other up.

"Are you in much of a hurry?" I asked the pretty, curly-haired mother, who was scrambling around next to me in the black carriage.

"Oh, let me tell you - I am nearly post-bun!” she shouted with a laugh, pointing at her hair, which had almost entirely fallen out of its bun in the chaos.

At some point, the kids and I were acting out some ridiculous dramatic scene in British accents. One of the brothers was holding a knife against his seated sister’s throat, while the other brother tried to convince him to not kill her. There was an awkward lapse in dialogue where one of them forgot their lines, and my character, out of nowhere, exclaimed, “oh, what a TIZZY!” in a high, silly voice, and everyone burst out laughing. Then whatever we were standing near caught fire and we all ran away, still laughing.

The mysterious force trying to keep us from advancing on our travels would often announce what it was about to do. For example, at one point we were getting out of the black carriage, and a booming voice overhead announced, “DISTRACTING ROTTWEILER PUPPIES.” A litter of rottweiler puppies promptly appeared before us on the sidewalk, and we all immediately started petting them and playing with them.

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