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I am grateful for having someone in my life who I love so much that their absence makes me feel this heartbroken

my boyfriend’s canadian

all of a sudden I have a bunch of gray/silver/white hairs?

Weed Castle Restaurant

Denny and Maddy were working at a restaurant Brendan was running. They both decided to quit so they could go work for a “weed castle” restaurant. After a week or so, the lady who managed the place decided she wanted all the weed for herself and shut the place down.


"She gets out of school at 2. It’s 5. Where is she?" Ted asked me, referring to his 13-year-old daughter. I shrugged.
"Shit," he said, sitting down in a folding chair.

Baltimore has its problems, but its rainbow game has been on point this year.

I just want to make enough money to have my own place and a pet of some kind. That’s it.

a sunrise stone


honestly all nonsense aside I’m grateful for my life. it’s a good life.

I wrote this last night just in case the pesticide I filled my bedroom with ended up killing me in my sleep.

Mountain Hotel (7/4/14)

A bunch of us were staying at this fancy hotel that was fortified into the side of a steep mountain. I went out to the solid gold jacuzzi-sized bathtub that was outside, sticking out of the mountainside. There was a large rock jutting out over top of it, making kind of a roof. There was a gigantic flatscreen TV attatched to the side of the bathtub that was on this jointed arm that allowed it to swivel around.

Noticing that someone had left the hatch on the floor of the tub open - probably Maude, I thought - I carefully closed it with my foot, holding onto the side of the tub for safety. What was weird about the hatch was that even though it should have opened up to just reveal dirt or whatever on the mountainside, there was a blue sky with little white clouds. It made me dizzy to think about. Also, who knows how the water all stayed in the tub with a big hole open in the bottom of it.

Once the latch on the little door was secured, I slid into the tub. There was a storm brewing off in the nearby mountains, and there were big firey creatures flying around. I idly pushed the giant TV around on its arm as I watched them.

Some unseen force unexpectedly knocked me out of the tub and sent me flying out over the side of the mountain. I grasped wildly for anything for dear life, thankfully getting hold of a bunch of plants as I plummeted. I slammed against the dirt and looked at the plants I was holding onto. They looked just like churros. I climbed up the mountain back to the tub using the little churro plants. “These plants are so cute,” I thought.

When I got back to the tub, I decided to not press my luck and returned to the inside of the hotel. The storm in the distance was approaching. I went down a cramped stairway with Susan telling her about what had just happened. She scolded me for being caught off guard because that’s “not good for being a spy.” I didn’t remember being a spy but I decided to not say anything.

We ended up in this big open Costco-like environment. She wanted to check out the alcohol selection. Ben Luzzato was there looking at some wine. Susan browsed the beer and I awkwardly wandered around. For some reason all the olive oil was in that section as well, and it was sold in giant 3” tall oddly-shaped glass jugs. They were about $110 each. I stared at them on the rack. They seemed so out of place.


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