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I called child protective services today after stressing over it for a few days and man I’ll tell you what it was much easier than I thought it was going to be, and it was anonymous, and it feels like I did the right thing.

Wow I am just loving these spider bites on my face they make me look so beautiful and feel so confident.

I hate that the only thing you can do when shit is going down is call the police because like, the police are terrible

Lately, when I’m not thinking any particular thought, the hold music inside my brain is 0 to 100 by Drake

I also sang in the car today.

Today I:
  • got up early
  • assembled a table
  • got a coffee
  • said hi to a friend
  • sat in the park enjoying the beautiful day
  • walked around
  • made food to eat
  • washed dishes
  • took out the recycling
  • unpacked and organized
  • did laundry
  • gave away two mirrors
  • did some skin care things
  • took a bath (+ scented candles!)
  • ate a cupcake
  • bought groceries
  • played a game

I like life a lot. Life’s nice

When I was first buying housewares for my new apartment a few weeks ago, I shopped for a bath mat.

The bath mat I liked was not the cheapest bath mat there. I felt like I couldn’t justify buying a fancy bath mat, because I don’t have a lot of money and buying all the stuff I need to furnish my place was going to cost so much. Who am I to need a fancy bath mat?

Anyway, I bought it, because I’m worth it. Now sometimes I go into my bathroom, shut off the light, and stand on the bath mat just to enjoy it. It helps justify the purchase in my mind. Solo-living Lauren is doing great.

just kidding about the helicopter. this is Baltimore City. the helicopter never leaves

the table is assembled and the helicopter left

I’m putting together a table naked while a helicopter goes around and around outside


A unisex bathroom icon was carved into or printed onto the center of  a large wooden headboard.

Mom’s name was Cindy. I hissed it at her playfully as we walked down a hallway.

I want to be a snake and eat myself

Does anyone have any tips on how to unfurrow my brow? Its default setting is furrowed now, and I already have a crease in my forehead from it. Help me

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