L Brick
Nails ☚ Accolade ☛ Film Stills
I signed my name on a checkout ipad while buying buns and the receipt was e-mailed to me and this is apparently what my signature looks like when I write it with my finger while excited about eating buns
my boyfriend’s canadian

all of a sudden I have a bunch of gray/silver/white hairs?

Weed Castle Restaurant

Denny and Maddy were working at a restaurant Brendan was running. They both decided to quit so they could go work for a “weed castle” restaurant. After a week or so, the lady who managed the place decided she wanted all the weed for herself and shut the place down.


"She gets out of school at 2. It’s 5. Where is she?" Ted asked me, referring to his 13-year-old daughter. I shrugged.
"Shit," he said, sitting down in a folding chair.

Baltimore has its problems, but its rainbow game has been on point this year.

I just want to make enough money to have my own place and a pet of some kind. That’s it.

a sunrise stone
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